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We are public sector employees who are curious about artificial intelligence, and concerned about ethics and security. We aim to create a resource for the public sector to learn about the latest developments, become AI literate, in order to meaningfully engage with AI, or not.

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  • | 6 min read
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    What is AI?

    If we look past the hype, and beyond vendors' marketing materials: there is no officially agreed upon definition. This view is supported by the literature: "there is no generally accepted...

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  • | 1 min read
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    Questions to Ask

    This list will be updated on an ongoing basis. What did I need generative AI for? What value did it provide, beyond being able to say that I used it? Could I have done what I wanted to do without...

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  • | 2 min read
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    Welcome to the launch of publicsectorai.tech. This is the start of a project by Adrianna Tan, director of product management at San Francisco Digital Services, to make sense of the developments in...

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